All activities at Dissenter are intended as a service to the community.

Religious beliefs are relevant to all aspects of life, including relations with the wider community. Worship in the Old Meeting House will resume gradually at 2.30pm on the 2nd and 5th Sunday afternoons of each month, balancing an open welcome to all, with prudent protection from COVID-19 for each participant.

Our Sunday worship offers an “open pulpit” for all to share and celebrate their deepest values. Worship may be led by visiting preachers, mainly from the local area, or by lay members of the congregation. Worship may include hymns, prayers, meditation, a short address and a discussion of the topics raised.
As a small congregation, we value our links with other congregations in the Western Union and welcome visits from Unitarians and Free Christians from around the world.
All visitors and searchers for truth are invited to participate in our worship and join us for tea and biscuits and a chat afterwards.

In association with other churches and secular groups in the town we have hosted the Sid Valley Food Bank which, throughout the years of austerity, has provided what was intended to be a temporary storage and distribution centre offering practical assistance to growing numbers of citizens in need.

Our church porch is a preferred shelter for rough sleepers.
The “Gateway” Sidmouth Homeless Action Group may be contacted by telephoning Ann on: 07980 023202 or Lesley on: 07470 004877.

For context on the need for these and similar services, see the report to the United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council Forty-first session 24 June to 12 July 2019 Agenda item 3:

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